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If you’re constantly troubled by having to wait for Youtube to buffer videos, or want to keep some videos with you so you can watch them again and again without wasting bandwidth, then I’ve just recently released a web service that lets you download videos from Youtube. But there are plenty of websites that already do that, why do I need another one?. What Videodropper(yeah, that’s what its called) actually does is it sends videos to your Dropbox folder.

Why send it to Dropbox?

Syncing- Instead of downloading the video to your computer you’ll be saving it to your personal cloud which will be accessible to you on any PC or mobile device. So sending a Youtube video to your Dropbox folder is basically the same as downloading into your machine, only more awesome.

Bandwidth- Bandwidth is the primary motivation for why I built Videodropper. I have a rather slow internet connection and I get all sort of problems when watching Youtube videos- having to wait for buffering, videos getting stuck(it always happens to me when I resize the player), and the list goes on. Videodropper solves these problems because “Dropbox is smart about using bandwidth.” Downloading happens at the fastest possible speed, but without interfering with your Internet usage, so if you have a slow connection you’ll be able to download Youtube videos and still use the Internet at optimal speed. Also, once its fully downloaded you can watch the full video without any pain.

iOS devices- Dropbox works great on iOS devices and you can optimize videos you send using Videodropper to work on the iPhone or iPod touch. After you’ve synced the videos, you can also watch them later offline(this makes use of Dropbox’s Local Storage on your iPhone/iPod). <br/><br/>

How do I use Videodropper?

Using Videodropper is really easy. After linking Videodropper with your Dropbox account, you just copy the URL of the video you want to send, paste it into Videodropper and then send it. A bookmarklet is also being worked on in order to further simplify this process.

Note that Videodropper is still in Beta, so some of your videos may not get through properly, in case you notice any thing strange kindly send an email to or reach me on Twitter @samratmansingh