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I’ve not been reading a lot lately, and for some reason a lot of my recent reading seems to have been sci-fi. Well, right now I’m reading yet another sci-fi: Semiosis by Sue Burke. It’s an interesting concept and I’ll probably finish reading it, but at halfway through the book, I’m also not blown away by it.


One thought I’ve had about side-projects recently is that I should have long-running projects. I recently watched a talk by Rasmus Andersson and he demo’d a programming language which he’s been working on the side for 5 years.

Anyway, the project I’m working on right now is not likely to be a long-running project, but I’ve been slowly building up a ChocoPy-to-WebAssembly compiler. It’s built in Zig, and the compiler itself is also meant to be compiled to WASM and run on the browser. It can still, of course, be run natively.

I’ve been putting in only small chunks of time into this, so progress has been a bit slow but it’s fun to work on.


I’ve been using Beeminder lately to get myself to do certain things more(like blogging more…).

My progress learning German has slowed down pretty sharply of late. This is due to various reasons but mostly because I’m just not putting in a lot of time into it.

I’ve been lead-climbing more often the last few months. Earlier, I would mostly boulder– nowadays I still boulder but also put in some rope time about once a week.

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