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I read “Built to Fail”. It’s about all the things that went wrong at the video-rental company Blockbuster. It reminded me of “Bad Blood”, which is a similar book about Theranos. If you’re into business books, this is a good one.

Currently, I’m reading “A Gentleman in Moscow”. It’s a bit different from the kind of books I’ve been reading lately, but so far I’m really enjoying it.


I found this interview with Peter van Hardenburg, of Ink & Switch, quite interesting.

If you’re into climbing, I also recommend this interview with Magnus Midtbo. Strangely, the thing I found most intriguing was not about climbing itself, but rather how he describes his work ethic around being a Youtuber.


Still slowly hacking away at the ChocoPy-to-WASM compiler. I added basic typechecking. And I’m currently in the middle of adding support for classes to the compiler.

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