FlashFlashCards converts screenshots of any website or PDF into flashcards and automatically adds them into Anki.

It also supports generating flashcards from text simply by pasting it into the app.

FlashFlashCards uses LLMs(the same technology that powers ChatGPT) so you can cut down the boring parts of learning with Anki.

Currently in Beta

Download FlashFlashCards below(it's "pay what you want")

Please note that you'll need an OpenAI account with access to the GPT4-Vision model(gpt-4-vision-preview). You can check if you have access to the model here: https://platform.openai.com/account/limits


  • You'll need to install the Anki-Connect add-on: https://github.com/FooSoft/anki-connect
  • Install FlashFlashCards, then add your OpenAI API key.
  • Control+Command+A(Ctrl+Win+A on Windows) to take a screenshot, then press the "Generate flashcards" button
  • Then press "Add to Anki"